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If you have had the opportunity to experience Cell! Cell! Cell!  in a dome please post your comments below.

The good, the bad, the ugly and the great are all welcome.

What was your favourite bit? Did you learn anything new? How many cells are there in the human body!?

Just some of the comments we received at the World Premier

“Brilliant :) ” “Really informative, excellent characters” “Engaging and clever story” “Superb animation” “Fun, exciting and engaging” ”Most exciting thing I have ever seen. Loved it.” “Wonderfully immersive” “Really informative” “Interesting and not confusing”

  1. Mario Di Maggio
    Mario Di Maggio06-22-2012

    Thinktank Planetarium specialises in non-astronomy fulldome (360?) films and we think Cell! Cell! Cell! is SUPERB.

    Congratulations on creating an excellent introduction to cell biology for the 360? cinema.

    Mario Di Maggio
    Manager: Thinktank Planetarium

  2. Stan Ogden
    Stan Ogden10-06-2012

    Truly excellent piece of work. When do we get more ?

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